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Will we get back to how it was?
Dr Berman- My fiancé and I have been living together for over a year and I really thought we had the perfect relationship. Everything was so easy and fluid. He did his thing- I did mine and then we did all our couple stuff together. Now that we are stuck home though in our small apartment I am feeling stifled. I can't escape him.
Lifting each other up.
Dr Berman- my girlfriend is usually the life of the party. She always has the best smile and has a really positive outlook on life but being stuck at home with me- has changed her. She has no motivation. Has been sleeping a lot and the happy go lucky girl I love and need is just not there any more.
Stuck at home with your partner...
Dr Berman- My husband has always a been a little chubby and it has always bothered me a little but he kept it in check by being active. Now that we are stuck at home, however- it's like all self control has gone out the window. He is just stuffing his face and - because I am stuck home with him...
Are we really right for each other long-term?
Dr Berman - I am 33 and I am currently dating a 44 year old. We get along great but sometimes I think he thinks I am too young. He was married and has a kid. Prior to him, I was with another guy who was 8 years older than me. My friends are telling me that the men I date are too old but the problem is that the guys my age are really immature.
Trusting your gut...
Dr Berman - I was set up by one of my friends with a man that I was so excited about on paper. He is kind, funny, attractive, successful.. Has the same view points on life as I do and really a great guy. And he really likes me. Everything lines up perfectly and I liked him before I even met him and then when I did--- something happened...
Too close to his family?
Dr Berman My husband is on the phone more than anyone I have ever met. It is not like he just does business... He has a large family and they call each other and text all day and night. He's in 5 group chats and all the updates on social media. Yes. He has 4 sisters and I get it but sometimes it really just is too much.
Ready for Marriage?
Dr Berman- I love my girlfriend a lot and I have been thinking about proposing to her. That said as we started talking about it she goes to this other place and it starts to be all about the wedding. I love the idea of growing old with her and creating a family and all she can talk about is where we can honeymoon and how many guests.
Deep shame impacting intimacy...
Dr Berman - I have been with my husband for 5 years- married for 2. Our intimacy has never been good. He has a lot of hang ups about the female body because I think the way he was raised by his mother. There were no boundaries and he saw a lot. I kind of zoned out to it after a while and we do things to get it done but there is not a lot of pleasure.
How can I cheer up my friend?
Dr Berman - My friend was cheated on. And I want to comfort her in anyway possible, she says she can't get her mind off him and she is really sad about it.
Can he ever be serious?
Dr Berman- I am dating the equivalent of the HS class clown. And I think he is funny and he makes me laugh. Most of the time. And then there are times when he is downright inappropriate and usually that's when there is a bigger audience. I have to apologize for his insulting jokes a lot and tell people he's just joking.
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