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Our future...
Dr. Berman- My fiancé and I are in our late 30s. I have always been up in the air on having children and he has been the same way. We have recently been talking about our future and it has become clear to us that we do not want children. We are both happy with this decision. Here's the thing, our families are not and now they are holding it against us. When I was 30, I decided to freeze my eggs. I asked my family for help at the time and they said absolutely. No questions asked.
Dr. Berman- I have an issue...I lost my job and I am home all day while my husband works and I have become pretty obsessed with Facebook and IG. It makes me sad that I am on it all the time, but at the same time, if I don't check it all day long, I get serious FOMO. My husband thinks I am losing it because when he comes home all I can talk about is what other people are doing all day.
Balancing Life while co parenting
Dr. Berman, I am a single mom. I have 2 kids and a husband who has moved on to start a new family. He still does dad duties every other weekend, but I am with my kids the majority of the time. I also work 2 jobs to give my kids a good life. They are at the age now where they can't drive, but are in a bunch of after school activities. I want to be able to cheer them on and be their personal chauffeur but it is getting to be a lot on me. All I do is work, pick up the kids drop them off, cook, pick up, clean, drop off...
Listner Comment/Advice
Dr. Berman - I just wanted to comment on a caller from yesterday named Mary, who, after having been married for 33 years, discovered that her husband had had several affairs and was feeling as though her entire life was a lie. I was in that very same position. I was married for nearly 18 years and my husband confessed to having an affair only weeks after we'd been married. I was ready to leave him then, but he begged me not to, insisting he would get counseling, which he did for the next couple of years.
Dear Dr. Berman My name is Ben and there is this girl that I have a crush on, but when I asked her to a movie she said she was busy and we haven't really talked about that after that. I just feel very pressured to find a girlfriend because everyone around me is have better luck than me. What do I do?
Dating Tips
Dr. Berman- UGH I am so embarrassed. I have an awesome group of friends and one of the guys brought a new guy to a party a few weeks ago. We really hit it off and I thought we had a good connection. They left the party before I got a chance to get his number. Well, we were all out over the weekend and the guy came again. We immediately started talking and it seemed like we were really in tune.
Does she like me?
Dr. Berman- I like this girl that I met online. We went out a few times and she is really nice and funny and polite. She is one of the best daters I have ever been out with. Here's the thing, I know she is a good person and great for a night out, but I feel like I'm not getting to know the real her. We haven't hooked up yet and I have only gotten a kiss on the cheek at the end of dinner.
Encouraging A Healthy Lifestyle
Dr. Berman- My wife and I have always been on different pages with our health. We met in college when she never had to worry about weight and then after we had kids, weight began to be a problem. She never gave up that unhealthy lifestyle. We divorced 2 years ago and she has continued to get bigger and bigger. This has affected our children.
Post Divorce Dilemma
Dr. Berman- My husband and I both came from nothing when we married. While together, I started my own business and was able to make a really good amount of money off of it. He stopped trying to even work about 3 years ago and our marriage has deteriorated. He has since started seeing another woman that he thinks I don't know about.
Dr Berman- I like a guy that works in the same building as me. We see each other in the morning and always joke around. I'm always bumping into him at lunch. He's really flirty with me and I can feel that he likes me. He just hasn't asked me out. I want to take initiative but I don't want to come off too strong and scare him off.
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