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Making time for one another
Dr. Berman - I would like an opinion about my relationship we both work a lot like 7 days a week practically I have two kids he has none he travels for work but it's currently in my area and that's how we met we've been seeing each other since September which is more like maybe a month-and-a-half here just me to his whole family on his mom and dad side he came to my house...
Should she leave the marriage?
Dr. Berman- My husband is a jerk. He has been for quite some time now. I want to leave him but I am torn. I just finished going back to school and have started to look for jobs. On one hand- I think it's smart to wait until I get more stable, but I also have this nagging feeling that it will never be the right time.
Dr Berman- My boyfriend and I broke up in September and it rocked my world. I didn't see it coming. I thought we were getting married. That said- I was in the middle of a big project at work and had some other family stuff going on so I didn't really have time to mourn the loss or even feel alone. I was constantly with people.
Monogamy for life...
Hello Dr Berman, Happy new year! All the best!What do think about "monogamy is not natural for humans", "men are only as unfaithful as their opportunities"
He adores me... Is he right for me?
Dr. Berman - Hello, I love your show and now have a real reason to be a part of it. I began dating a guy I used to know 11 years ago. We have been together for a little over 2 years and got engaged earlier in December.
Breaking Up - The after process
Dr. Berman - I was with this guy for almost 2 years.We recently broke up 3 months ago. We worked at the same place. Now I decided that I have to leave because I really cant work with him. It was a difficult break up. I am still hurting and everything that happened seems to be fresh.
Who will I be happier with?
Dr Berman - I am with a man who I am absolutely head over heels in love with. He broke up with me last year because he had met someone else and I was devastated. After a few months I met a guy though and started dating him. My ex saw this and dumped the other girl almost immediately and came back to me.
Young Relationships
Dr Berman - I just heard your conversation with Jenna (the 12 year old) and I think your son gave good advice - I liked a boy when I was 12, told him over text, and he said it was cool, we were friends again and then after a few weeks it got weird again... we haven't really talked since... but I'm still working on it!
Trust issues from the past...
Dr. Berman, I have a boyfriend who I have been dating for about two months, but I am extremely cautious and anxious because of some things that happened to me recently. In February I was ghosted by the boyfriend I had then. We had gone all the way just a few days before.
When to introduce loved ones to a new partner
Dr. Berman, I would appreciate your thoughts re: dating a guy who as been separated from his wife for about one & a half years (1.5yrs), his 14 yr old son lives with him full time. Are there certain questions I should be asking him re his split from wife?
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