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Differing Beliefs
Dr. Berman- I live next door to a great family. Our kids are best friends. I recently became friends with her husband on facebook and some of the things he posts about gays and Muslims and guns are scary and appalling. We haven't ever really gotten into politics but my son came home the other day saying that we needed to deport all the Muslim terrorists from the country.
Selfish Friend
Dr. Berman- I have a friend that has always been about herself. Her vacations are the best, her ideas are better than everyone, she knows all, all the time. Recently, she started a new business and I was very supportive. She asked me to share her stuff on social media. I did. I liked everything that she put online.
Making Peace
Dr. Berman- I got into a fight with a long time friend. We were friends for 40 years. We stopped speaking about a year ago. I missed her, but she back stabbed me and really was awful to me and my family after knowing her for as long as I did. I wanted to, but I did not give in and call her.
Dr. Berman- I have an 11 year old son and I can't get him to go outside and play for the life of me. He is a serious gamer and so are all of his friends. I get that he is more of a thinking type of kid, but the weather is gorgeous and he just wants to be cooped up all day in his room.
Dr. Berman - My husband was never one to help me when I was sick. I understood that. He is a major germophobe. I figured that when we had children some type of paternal instinct would kick in. It didn't. The second our 2 children (under the age of 4) are sick... he basically runs the other way.
Pushing your kids...
Dr. Berman- My husband played minor league baseball and almost made it to the majors. It is biggest love of his life. My son, who is 10, is absolutely horrific at it. He got my non athletic genes. It drives my husband nuts and he insists on making him go outside and practice everyday.
When your partner shuts you out.
Dr. Berman- my longtime boyfriend had a rough year. His father passed and he had a lot of trouble at work and was under a lot of stress. I did everything in my power to be supportive of him. Now that we are finally in the clear and he seems out of his funk, he dropped that he was taking a fishing trip to Bermuda for a week.
Needing a Vacation.
Dr. Berman- I am dying to go away with my husband. It has been 3 years since our last real vacation. We used to go on really great trips but once I stopped working, the trips stopped. I stopped working because he told me that I could finish school.
Did I find the perfect man?
Dr. Berman- I have been seeing my boyfriend for well over a year. I am 23 and he is 26. If I made a check list of everything I want in a man he would be spot on, down to preferences that don't matter, he is so handsome AND respectful!
Will he be a good parent?
Dr. Berman- I got married young because we got pregnant. He was even younger than I was (19 to my 21). We were definitely not ready to be parents and separated only 2 years in. He is now 25 and with a woman whom he will marry.
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