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Trust issues from the past...
Dr. Berman, I have a boyfriend who I have been dating for about two months, but I am extremely cautious and anxious because of some things that happened to me recently. In February I was ghosted by the boyfriend I had then. We had gone all the way just a few days before.
When to introduce loved ones to a new partner
Dr. Berman, I would appreciate your thoughts re: dating a guy who as been separated from his wife for about one & a half years (1.5yrs), his 14 yr old son lives with him full time. Are there certain questions I should be asking him re his split from wife?
Getting over an ex
Dr. Berman, Okay so I dated this guy 4 times. I know he is a player and I got that after the 1st time. Although, every time we dated we had a certain connection unlike my past relationships.
Dealing with a school bully
Hi, Dr. Berman, can you give me some advice there is a kid at school that bullies me and he calls me names and hits me a lot and I tell the teachers they don't do anything.
I want a relationship and he doesn't...
Dr. Berman - I have this guy friend that I've been on and off with intimately for three years now. I want a relationship and he doesn't but we agreed to some relationship-like compromises.
Gift Giving
Dr. Berman- My girlfriend is very particular about her clothes and her shoes and how she puts herself together. The last couple of gift giving opportunities have been disastrous. It's not like she says anything about the gift, but I can always tell that she wasn't too excited about them.
Family Holiday Visits
Dr. Berman- I have been dating a guy for almost a year. Our families are both out of town. When it came to Thanksgiving, I went to his family. I assumed that we would make the switch when it came to Christmas. Well he just told me that being that his grandma is so old, he's not going to come home with me this weekend, he's going to go back to his parents.
Office dating... Good or bad idea?
Dr Berman- There is a new girl at my company who is just so adorable. She is sweet and funny and really a pleasure to be around. She is in an entry level position and I am in upper management. I am probably 7 years older than her. I really want to ask her out. She doesn't work in the same department as I do and I think she might like me too- but I just don't know anymore.
Sleeping Apart
Dr. Berman - My girlfriend and I have been together almost a year. We moved in together about 3 months ago and things just got weird. More times than not, I wake up and she is out sleeping on the couch or in our spare room. This never happened when we were living separately.
Getting over a tough breakup
Dr Berman - My boyfriend and I recently broke up. Near the end of our relationship almost everything he did annoyed me, and I was ready to end it, but when it did end i just felt a huge hole in me that I can't seem to fill. He was very immature and didn't treat me the way I deserved, but I don't understand why I miss him.
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