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Wedding Gifts
Dr. Berman- 3 of my close friends are getting married this summer. My husband and I are attending all 3. That in itself is expensive. My question is- one of the couples had given us a large sum of money for our gift.
Wanting more children.
Dr. Berman- My wife and I agreed that we wanted 2 children when we got married. We had the 2 and for about 8 years it was great. We are both getting older and now that the kids are older I feel like we have some freedom again. About 2 years ago... she came to me and told me she wanted another one. I absolutely do not.
Moving for a partner.
Dr. Berman- I have been dating a man long distance for about 8 months now. We go back and forth on weekends. He has children and can't move closer to me and I am willing to move there, but he wants me to make the move and get my own place at first. I don't see the point in this...
Non political discussion.
Dr. Berman- I was raised in a fairly conservative household but then moved to California and a lot of my views changed. As my parents age, they are turning into extreme conservatives borderline teabaggers. I still stay somewhere in the middle. My new boyfriend though is ultra liberal and he hates everything conservative as much as my parents hate everything "liberal".
Overly critical friend.
Dr. Berman- I have a friend who is constantly in competition over everything that we do. If we are at the gym together- she has to work harder. When we are dating she is always comparing my guy to hers. She makes comments about clothes all the time (not mine but other people).
Raising a tomboy.
Dr. Berman- My 4 year old daughter idolizes her 6 year old brother. So much that she follows him everywhere and will only play with what he wants to play with. Recently, she also started to refuse to wear the cute girl outfits that I have for her. She only wants to wear her brother's type of clothing.
Second chances
Dr. Berman- My cousin is a former drug addict. He has been sober for what he says for over a year. His father wants nothing to do with him because he has spent thousands of dollars putting him in rehab centers and my cousin just relapses. We just found out that he got his girlfriend pregnant. Also a recovering addict.
Are my friends jealous?
Dr. Berman- I got divorced about 2 years ago. While we were together, I made friends with the neighborhood ladies. We all got fat and drank wine all the time. The second I left my husband, I decided to lose the weight and try and be the best I can be. I went shopping with the girls the other day for the summer.
Telling your kids the marriage is over.
Dr. Berman- I thought I was in the perfect marriage. We were always happy and our kids were always the center of our lives. Last month my husband told me he was leaving me for someone else. There is no counseling to be done, I just have to move on.
My friend married a jerk...
Dr. Berman- I have a friend who married a jerk. We kind of told her how we felt before she married him. Now they have a kid. This past weekend the family stayed with me. He was so mean to her and said the cruelest things to her about her baby weight and body - and that was when he was in front of me.
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