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Caught in a lie
Dr. Berman- I lied about plans that I had over the weekend to get out of going to my sister in laws birthday celebration. Truth is, we aren't close and I originally told her yes, but then I had a few friends come into town unexpectedly.
Sex Addiction
Dr Berman, I met a man who seems like the perfect guy. We have been out on a few dates and I really like him. This past weekend, I spent the night and he told me that he is in recovery for sex addiction and that his last relationship ended due to infidelity from it. He assured me that he is working on it and doesn't want to be with anyone else...
Monster Mother-In-Law
Dr Berman- My mother in law is a monster. She has always thought that my husband's previous girlfriend was the one that got away. She tells me and him this all the time. Recently, his ex got divorced and now his mother is asking her for coffee and then sending my husband updates on this woman's life and whereabouts.
No Luck Online Dating.
Dr. Berman- I am dating online. I think my profile is nice. I highlight what I think is good about me. I try not to seem too proud of my accomplishments, but I am a partner at my firm, I dabble in real estate, and I try and travel often. Recently, I haven't been getting many matches and I wondered why.
Social Media Pictures
Dr. Berman, I got into a fight with my boyfriend over him liking a lot of women's pictures on Instagram. He follows a lot of "fitness models" and they are always in bikinis and lingerie. I came at him pretty hard about it and he seems really turned off.
Getting Tough
Dr. Berman- my husband is leaving me to be with a co-worker of his. That definitely stings. What stings even more is that they want custody of our child because they say that I am unfit for complete custody. I battled with depression and have bipolar disorder but I am in treatment for it.
Nice Guy
Dr. Berman. I am the nice guy. I hear it all the time. That I'm such a nice guy. The problem is: Women only ever see me as a friend. When I try and make a move, I hear that they don't think of me in that way. I don't know what else I can be doing.
Dr. Berman- I am dating a really great guy. He's extremely attractive and very good to me. My problem with him is that he is not a big kisser. He will hold my hand, etc. But he doesn't like to kiss.
I want to save the marriage...
Dr. Berman, My wife of 13 years told me 3 days ago that she wanted a divorce. When I asked her why she replied, "Isn't it obvious?" The thing is, it isn't obvious. This came out of left field. I thought we were happy. When I tried to talk to her about it, she said that there is nothing more to talk about.
Terrible Communicator
Dr Berman- My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 months. He is awesome when we are together, but terrible when we aren't about communicating with me. Here's the thing, he is constantly on his phone and I know that he gets my texts but it could take him up to 2 days to respond to me. He always apologizes and insists he was just super busy, but I know for a fact he is answering clients etc.
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