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Bachelor Party
Dr. Berman- My fiancé and I are planning a small wedding over the summer. Because of the nature of it, not many of our outer circle are invited. That said, my fiancé's friends want to do a big bachelor thing for him over Memorial Day weekend. I don't have a problem with this except that I know what went on at a few other bachelor parties in this group.
Giving friends dating advice...
Dr. Berman- I have a friend that is really beautiful and really kind. She has had a string of bad relationships and it has left her with really low self esteem. Recently she started dating a man that is a little older than she is and it is clear to me that she has fallen head over heels for him. I love that she is happy, but there is something about him that I don't like. He never takes her feelings into consideration. They only do what he wants.
Uprooting your family for work...
Dr. Berman- My husband and I have been together for 9 years. We have 3 children together and have made a lovely life for ourselves. We have a nice home and can do most of what we want in life. I work part time and do well. He is now the bread winner. We have been settled in our home for the past 4 years and literally 2 weeks ago he told me that he was tired of his job and wanted to take a new position that he has had no experience in- and move us to New Jersey.
Dividing house chores
Dr. Berman- When my wife and I first started dating, we used to split chores and share most of the home responsibilities. She is 10 years younger than I am and as her career started to really take off, mine started to settle down. I will slow down even more in the next few years as I have lightened my case load and I want to spend more time with my children. That said, because my work has slowed down, she has started to let her side of the chores go.
No longer in love with my partner...
Dr Berman, I love my husband but I am no longer in love with him. We have a nice life together and I have everything that I can ask for but there is no more romance. He barely looks at me and it's just basically a friendship and roommates at this point. It's been a long 20 years. Recently, a widowed gentleman started coming into my office and has been casually chatting with me.
How do I get them to talk again?
Dr Berman- I have a 3 year old daughter and she behaves as most toddlers do. She takes a bite of food and then the next piece goes on the floor. My husband thinks it's funny and I am usually the one that ends up cleaning it up when she is all done. So- recently we took a trip to see my sister who has no children. During feeding time, I went into the shower and left my husband to dinner duty.
Money and Family.
Dr. Berman- I am one of 3 siblings. This year we agreed that we would send our parents on a cruise and split it 3 ways. The cruise wasn't that expensive especially divided by 3. I also offered to fly them there with my husband's airline miles. To make things easy, we put the whole trip on my credit card.
The nice guy or the bad boy?
Dr. Berman- I have liked a guy for a really long time and we have hung out, but he has never been really consistent with me. I had gotten the sense that he didn't really want to settle down. So, recently I opened myself back up to dating again and I met a really nice man. The problem is that I am just not as attracted to him.
Spending Money
Dr Berman- My husband and I disagree about how we spend money. He grew up with a lot of it, and I didn't. He has a good job and I do ok. I believe that we need to be saving now, and he thinks that we should be "living it up while we can". We plan on children a few years down the road and I want to be financially stable for them.
No effort in her appearance
Dr Berman- My girlfriend is really pretty and she used to dress really nice when we first met. Now that we have been dating a while, it seems that she doesn't put an effort in any more. She only dresses up when she goes out with her friends. Otherwise, she will meet me out in her gym clothes or in sweats when I come over to the house.
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