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Eye Contact.
Dr. Berman, I started therapy for PTSD from emotional abuse about three weeks ago. I have a lot of anxiety from this, but I have always been super shy and one to hide behind my friends, or family in social situations. Lately, I have been having issues with eye contact.
How do I make it up to him?
Dr. Berman- I was dating a Mike, now I'm with a Matt... We were hooking up 2 nights ago and I yelled the wrong name. It was not on purpose and I really have no feelings for Mike anymore.
Longing for Freedom.
Dr. Berman- I have been married for a little over 6 years and while I love my husband, I don't feel fulfilled and inspired any more. I find myself longing for freedom. I don't know what kind of a rut I'm in, but I feel trapped and just terribly bored.
Feeling pressure to get married.
Dr. Berman- I am 38 years old and single. I have a great career and I take care of myself. When I see friends/family they are always asking me about my love life. The truth is, I am not against finding a man, I just haven't found the right one.
Judgmental Friend.
Dr. Berman- I have a friend who is pretty successful in life. What I see in her though is that she judges other people when they aren't as successful as she is. She will look at their bags or shoes and I can see that she disapproves. It makes me uncomfortable sometimes because I can't afford the same type of things that she does.
Actively Flirting.
Dr. Berman- I work with a lovely woman whom I really respect and admire. She lost her husband about 3 years ago and recently has been actively flirting with me. I'm not sure if it is just because she is lonely or if she might be interested in me.
Raising Twins.
Dr. Berman- I have "Irish twins". Both my daughters were born within a year of each other. To make it easier now that they are 8 and 9, I have them enrolled in the same sports. Ice skating, dance, and gymnastics. My oldest is typical type A and wants to be the best and is overly aggressive. The younger one, is just kind of there.
She always compares me to her father...
Dr. Berman- My girl and I have been together for 4 months and I have to tell you that she is amazing and wonderful but I feel like I can never live up to her expectations of what a man should be like. She constantly talks about what her dad used to do and how amazing of a man he was.
Engagement gift give back.
Dr. Berman- My fiancé and I broke our engagement off 3 months ago because of infidelity on his part. He is asking for the ring back. I get why he wants it back, but around the same time he asked me to marry him, I bought him a Rolex.
Raising a child on your own.
Dr. Berman- I am 28 and raising my 2 year old by myself. My husband is deployed and I don't have any family near me to help me out. My husband and I decided to have the baby before he decided to "volunteer" to do another tour of duty.
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