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Did I blow it?
Dr. Berman- I have been with this girl for about 2 months and she is everything I could ever ask for. Over the weekend I took her to dinner and over the course of the meal we were having such a great time and I just blurted out that I loved her. She looked completely caught off guard and so I just went with it and told her how I saw a future with her. She didn't say anything back.
Breakup Remorse
Dr. Berman- I messed up. I had a great girl who really liked me and I got a little scared. After 6 months of it being pretty amazing, I broke up with her and told her that she wasn't the one. She was devastated and I think I broke her heart. Now I realize what an idiot I was and what I had in front of me and I want her back, but she isn't even taking my calls at the moment.
A Family Solid
Dr. Berman- I have the most wonderful husband in the world. It's just that he has the worst family possible. They smoke, drink, are rude to me and are just plain trashy. Here's the thing- yearly they gather up at a cabin to hunt and I'm always supposed to go. I'm a vegetarian! I don't mind that he hunts, but I don't want to be exposed to it again.
Forbidden Twin Flame
Dr. Berman- I am in a 20 year relationship. We have 2 grown children and are life partners and I have a major problem- I met a man who just gets me in every sense of being. We have the same thoughts on life and relationships and on long forgotten goals and passion. He comforts me and I comfort him.
Bad Luck Chuck
Dr. Berman- I was raised by my mother and 4 older sisters. I am very comfortable around women. So much so, that I really am not intimidated going up to any girl and starting conversations or asking them out. I am extremely approachable and I am a perfect gentleman. The problem is, they will always engage with me, but then never take me up on my offer to go out.
When your family thinks you're raising the kids wrong
Dr. Berman- My mother in law was a stay at home mom who recently went back to work. I am the breadwinner of the family and we have 3 children. While my husband does work, he also does a lot of the parenting because of my hours. My MIL is constantly talking about it and how I am failing as a parent.
Family approval
Dr. Berman- I am 40 years old. I am dating a man who is 42. Turns out that he briefly dated my younger sister while I was still married. This was over 12 years ago. Things went sour in that relationship and I think there was infidelity. She is married now. He has been married and divorced and so have I.
Infidelity Signs
Dr. Berman- I have been in 4 relationships that I would call serious. 3 of those 4, I was cheated on. They were all different men, with all different backgrounds. So, now I'm entering a new relationship and obviously, I have serious trust issues. I was blindsided by all of them before. I don't feel the need to tell this new man yet of my past, but I do want to be guarded a little.
When you've found the one
Dr. Berman- I met the woman of my dreams. She is everything I have ever wanted in a partner. We have only known each other for a month but I know that she is my soul mate. I want to ask her to marry me- we are both in our late 30's and I just feel like this is it. I told my friends and sister and they think that I need to slow down a bit. They don't think I know her enough.
Bachelor Party
Dr. Berman- My fiancé and I are planning a small wedding over the summer. Because of the nature of it, not many of our outer circle are invited. That said, my fiancé's friends want to do a big bachelor thing for him over Memorial Day weekend. I don't have a problem with this except that I know what went on at a few other bachelor parties in this group.
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