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Did he ghost me?
Dr Berman- I went out with a great guy that I met at a party. We hit it off there and he asked me for my number. He called 2 days later we talked for 2 hours and then we went out on Friday night. We had an amazing time. We laughed, constant talking and it ended with a perfect goodnight kiss. He told me he would call me over the weekend to make plans for this week and that he wants to see me again.
Are we really a match?
Dr. Berman- I have been seeing a guy for about a month. We have gone out a handful of times. We both work pretty demanding jobs so we are out of town a lot. I am trying to establish some type of momentum, but it seems like we start over every time we see each other. I'm at a point where I want a relationship and I thought he did too.
Kissing Tips
Dr. Berman- I started going out with this guy and he is really cool and we get along great, but when it comes to kissing, we are just off. First, he has a beard and mustache, and his kisses get pretty wet.
Making "special" time with your partner
Dr. Berman- I love my husband but he has some major flaws. He is messy for one. He doesn't help out around the house. And he is one of those guys that works so hard that he just comes home and crashes. That said, he is the best father that any kid could have and he provides for us. I don't work so I pick up most of the housework.
Messy Partner
Dr. Berman- I met a really wonderful woman and we have been out several times now. The last time we went out I finally picked her up at her place. She did not let me in but at the end of the night she let me come in for a bit (she had a little wine and I guess her guard was down). All I can say is that I couldn't believe how she lived. Dishes everywhere, laundry all over the place...
Single and in debt... How to find love?
Dr. Berman- When I was getting out of school I got a bad job with a bad salary and had to put a lot of things on credit cards. 10 years later I am still paying it all off along with student loans. I defaulted on them a few years ago when I lost my job. My credit is in the toilet and I am just working to pay bills. I have no real means to go out and I am in my 30's and single.
Worried about a new neighbor...
Dr. Berman- I live in a small apartment building. There are 2 apartments per floor. I only moved in a few months ago and the couple that I share the floor with-it sounds like he hits her. I work odd hours so I'm home late at night and up. I have heard some bad screaming and yelling and what sounds like someone getting thrown. I don't know what to do.
Working as a team with money
Dr. Berman- My life partner and I file our taxes separately but we have joint bank accounts. We are getting back about 5k this year and I want to update our kitchen. He is telling me that we need to put it away for emergency purposes. We already have money set aside for that. What we really need is a new kitchen.
Gender Identity
Dr. Berman- I have 4 children- 3 girls from my first marriage and a boy from my second. My girls are all in their teens. My son is 5. His sisters are so good to him and play with him and love him but I feel like he is getting confused. He wants to wear lip gloss now and I find him playing with all of their make up all the time.
Is he the right long term partner for me?
Dr. Berman - I met this man who lied about his age in the beginning and then I told him I would not see him anymore. I don't prefer younger I prefer my own age but it seems to work out lately that younger is what I've been dating and it's not my preference. As for me I am 53 years old. With all humbleness people say I pass for my high 20s I must tell you I am very confident I am also very kind I respect everyone and have compassion for everyone I have worked hard my entire life.
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