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When you make more than your partner...
Dr. Berman- When I met my boyfriend we had the same position at work just at different companies. He was all for me being "equal" to him on a money level. About 3 months ago, I got a promotion and more money and things changed a lot. When it comes to dinner- he says things like- well you're the money bags now... It's your turn to pay.
Being there for your kids.
Dr. Berman- I am an attorney. My mother was a judge. My sister is a doctor. We come from a family of values and a strong work ethic. I never wanted for anything and my children don't want for anything. The problem is that the other mom's (I have a 3 yr. old and a 5 yr. old) make comments to me all the time about not being there for my children.
Defeating Demons.
Dr. Berman, I need advice and hope you can help me. I am a recovering addict of both drugs and alcohol. From May 2013 until October of 2015 I was using drugs on a daily basis and drinking multiple days a week.
Dr. Berman- My mom has had depression for a long time. I have tried to talk to her about getting help but she doesn't want to even go to a doctor. My dad is stressed from his job and bills and things. The problem is there is all kinds of screaming and yelling.
Lack of Intimacy
Dr. Berman - I really do not want to known because I don't know if my girlfriend listens or not but I'm having real issues with our intimate life or the lack of it. She says she has no drive whatsoever. She also says that I am the best she has ever had.
His friends don't like me...
Hi Dr. Berman my name is Coty. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and there has always been an issue, his friends hate me. I've never done anything to them but have it in there head I take advantage of him and keep him from them.
Taking his last name...
Dr. Berman- My fiancé and I are both pretty successful in our careers. I have more name recognition in mine, and for that purpose, we have both agreed that I should keep my maiden name. Our children will be hyphenated. We recently mentioned it to his parents and they went nuts on us - carrying on about how we needed to preserve the family name.
Financial Independence
Dr. Berman- Before my 2 kids I had a really great job. My husband and I worked and it really felt like a team effort with how we managed. Now, I stay at home and he makes all the money.
Being Financially Viable.
Dr. Berman- My boyfriend of 3 years is wonderful. He is kind and loving and attentive. He also can't hold down a job to save his life. This was cute when we were 25 but now that we are closer to 30 and talking about our future, I don't find it so cute anymore.
Dr. Berman- I feel like my whole life I have been the person in every situation to say YES to anything anyone asks me to do. I was the middle child and it was just my nature. Quite frankly, I am sick of it especially now that my parents are older and need taking care of.
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