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One-Sided Relationship...
Dr. Berman - I've been with my boyfriend for about two years. I've been feeling like things are getting very one-sided lately: where I'm putting out more effort of maintaining a relationship with things like going out, spending time together, and showing affection than he is. My boyfriend says he loves me and everything, but I can't help feeling that it's one-sided and that he's not showing me he cares.
Secret Chat
Dr. Berman - My 50+ yr old husband was chatting/texting with an 18 yr old girl thru the chat feature of an online game for approximately 3 months. They never met or even saw pictures of each other but their conversations were very sexual in nature and it got to the point where they were both telling each other that they missed and loved one another. When I caught him he told me that she'd been expressing her love for him and eventually he wrote "in a weird way I think I love you".
Acting Different After Pregnancy
Dr. Berman, My wife and I had a baby about 6 months ago. We tried for a long time to conceive and we were so happy. We have always put each other first but now she is acting differently. She has recently said a few different times, that the day our daughter was born was the most important day of her life and nothing will ever compare to that again and how she has never known unconditional love until now.
Dr Berman, My daughter has signs of what I believe will be diagnosed as PCOS. She has acne, is gaining weight and as she is going through puberty, she is getting excess hair. It is coming in on her face and pretty dark all over her body. She is almost 12 and I know that kids can be cruel. I want to know is this too young to let her start shaving her legs and waxing? Other parents have said they won't let their daughters wax until much older and that 12 was too young, but I can see the trajectory that this will take.
Foul Mouth
Dr Berman, I am starting to feel that my choice in my boyfriend is wrong. My family and friends keep telling me that I am too good for him and I have been told on many occasions while out- what was a girl like me doing with a guy like him. He's overweight. He is also a smoker. He also has a really bad mouth and tattoos. But, he is one of the sweetest and kind men I have ever met.
Breaking a habit
Dr. Berman, I find myself taking the blame or apologizing to a lot of people all the time. I have always been a pleaser, but that has made me somewhat of a pushover at work and in my romantic and social life. My mother used to punish me over any infraction that I did, and I believe it stems from that, but how can I break this cycle. If I get upset with someone, I actually apologize to that person for being upset when they were, in fact, the one in the wrong.
Child Discipline
Dr. Berman, My husband is military and he comes from a long line of military. He has taken a hard line when it comes to discipline now that my daughter is getting older. She's 8 and while I love that she is super respectful to adults, she doesn't act like a kid. He makes her make her bed every morning and will "discipline her" with no dessert or something like that if she forgets. He also has her out running and jumping and doing obstacle stuff with her.
Moving on after your partner has an affair...
Dr. Berman, My husband slept with someone on a work trip and told me about it as soon as he got back. He said he met her at a bar, they got drunk, one thing led to another.... I am not angry, just more upset. I feel betrayed but I am also happy that he told me about it. I want to get past this, but I am not sure how to approach the whole thing.
Too good to be true?
Dr. Berman, I am engaged and starting to have second thoughts. The woman I thought I was getting married to was a dream come true. She let me do my thing with my guys, I could go out whenever I wanted. It was perfect.
How not to be Paranoid.
Dr. Berman- I like a guy a lot. He is the first guy that I have liked in a really long time. I think that he likes me too. The problem is that he goes hot and cold with me. I'm in my early 30's he is in his late 30's. He was married before but it only lasted 2 years. He has said that he wants a relationship, but then he disappears on me for a few days. It is becoming a pattern. When I ask him about it, he just says work is really busy.
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