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When your possible future scares you...
Dr. Berman, about 4 years ago I broke up with a pretty incredible woman. She was everything I ever wanted, but I was not ready for a relationship. When things got serious and she started talking about having a future with me, I pretty much up and left her on the spot. I didn't really even give her a reason, I just said it wasn't working out. Since then, I have dated but no one has even come close to this woman.
Helping his parents through divorce...
Dr. Berman- My dad came home last week and told my mother that he was leaving her after 23 years of marriage. All of us were blindsided by this. We all thought that they would be together forever, my mom included. She asked if there was someone else and he just said that he realized that he could be happier if he left. My mom is obviously devastated.
He has a lot of potential as a boyfriend...
Dr. Berman- I met a guy that has a lot of potential. He is nice and funny and handsome. He's also about 40 pounds overweight. I have a super active lifestyle and while he says that he is really athletic, it does not show. I believe that he probably was, 10 years ago, but every time we have been out he orders crap to eat and kind of complains about how he needs to lose weight.
Social Cues
Dr Berman, I have always been attracted to loud goofy guys who make me double over with laughter. The guy I am dating now is no different. In fact he's awesome. The only issue is that he doesn't get any social cues. He is constantly putting his foot in his mouth or saying inappropriate things at the wrong time.
Is he the right one?
Dr Berman, I met a really nice guy through a mutual friend. We hit it off right away and went out a few times. He had just moved back to town and one night he said that he just had to stop at his place for a minute to pick something up. Well we get there and his dad and mom are there. He lives at his parents house. He's 44. When I asked him he just said that his parents split time between there and their other home.
Caught in a bad spot...
Dr. Berman, My girlfriend lives very close to her parents. She had been living with them after her divorce and moved out about 6 months ago. We met about 6 weeks ago. Her dad has access to her place and before me he came and went as he pleased to fix things or touch up stuff as he is retired. Well on Friday, she called out sick, and I had the day off so I went over there and we just went at it. While I had her in a particularly uncompromising position in her kitchen, her dad walked in and got quite a show. He slammed the door and pulled away.
Am I settling?
Dr. Berman, I am a 37 year old black woman. I was Harvard educated and went to Stanford Law. I am not the first in my family to do this. They are very educated and hold everyone they associate with to the same standards. I moved to NY 2 years ago for a job opportunity and I met the love of my life about 6 months ago. He makes me happy. The problem is that he went to college, but never schooled beyond that and my family thinks that I am dating down.
When your family knows too much about your dating life...
Dr. Berman- I am in my late 30's and have never been married. I've had relationships, but they never went to the next level. In most cases it was neither of our faults, it just never got there. At this point, I want to find a partner but I'm not willing to settle. My family has a hard time understanding this and it is a constant source of discussion amongst them. It dominates their conversation with me too.
Expensive Taste
Dr. Berman- I have a girl friend who has very expensive taste. It's not that I don't like nice things but I kind of try to live within my means. She is constantly in credit card debt and always seems to never have cash. When we go out she's also always the one to say lets just split it down the middle. Her argument is that it all evens out over time. Here's the thing- never once has my share been more than hers. I'll order the 8$ glass of wine, she orders the 12$.
When a private text/picture gets out...
Dr. Berman, I was dating a new guy and we started sending each other pictures and each one got more and more racy. 3 days after I sent a pretty bad photo I got a text from a guy friend of mine asking me why I would send a picture like that to anyone. Apparently, the guy I was dating forwarded that pic to a few of his friends and one of them sent it to my friend not realizing he knew me.
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