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Noticing concerning behaviors from a roommate... Your business?
Dr. Berman, I am concerned for my roommate. I let her move in when she and her boyfriend split up. She has been in a funk for about 3 months. Over the last month, I noticed her drinking has picked up and I also have noticed that the packages from amazon are coming at a much faster rate. I think she drinks in her room at night and then just orders random things.
Judgmental parents
Dr. Berman- We were are a picnic over the weekend with my daughter's friends and all of the parents. Both my husband and I work, and we like it that way. What I don't like is how the other mom's look down on my decision. Our daughter is 8 and this summer she will be going to France for 4 weeks with both sets of grandparents and then she will be in camp just like school so that we can continue to work. She is beyond excited and we feel that exploring other cultures with family is a perfect way for her to spend her summer.
Missing Physical Touch...
Dr. Berman- My wife and I are in our 40's. We have 2 wonderful children and a great life. We get along great, love our kids, and like all of the same hobbies. She thinks everything is ok, but I have to be honest, I am missing physical touch. Since she is going through changes, she wants nothing to do with me. Not even hugging or holding hands. She says her hot flashes are too much. She gets up in the middle of the night to sometimes sleep on the couch.
Approaching a co-worker...
Dr Berman- I don't want to be a mother hen, but I want to say something to a young lady who works in our office who dresses in a way that leaves nothing much to the imagination. She is really bright but gets attention for the wrong reasons. I was in her position too once, but my mother said something to me when she saw what I was wearing.
Talking to your child about bullying
Dr Berman, My daughter is getting bullied at school by older girls who are upset that she went out with a guy in their grade. She is a freshman and they are juniors... They starting telling everyone that she was a slut and that the only reason this guy is going out with her is because she's easy.
Gift from the heart.
Dr. Berman- My best friend is getting married in a month. 3 years ago when I got married to my husband she gave us 5000 to use towards our honeymoon. It was the most generous thing anyone has ever done for me. She has an amazing job in finance and she said she wanted to make sure we had a special time. I don't have as great of a job and neither does my husband... Now that she is getting married we feel sick over the fact that we won't be able to do the same for her.
Does he like me or not? How to find out...
Dr. Berman, a new guy just moved into my town and quickly became friends with my circle of friends. Most in our circle are coupled up or married. Whenever we all go out together he ends up always hanging out by me and will either drop me home or text to make sure I got home ok. I think he likes me and all of my friends thinks he likes me and yet, nothing ever happens. He will give me a kiss on the cheek and say see you soon. I get that he is trying to be nice, but he doesn't need to take care of me...
Finding her perfect match.
Dr. Berman - I am a partner at my law firm. I have worked for over 10 years to get to where I am. The firm is amazing to me and I make a great living. I travel, I shop, I dine out.. I have a nice life. I would like a partner but I am having a hard time meeting a man who is not intimidated by me. I've gone out with men that I found out I was partner etc. and they have literally said, well what do you need me for???
Finding friends for her husband...
Dr. Berman- My husband has no friends and it is driving me nuts. A few of his really close friends moved away over the past few years and literally he has no one else to hang out with but me and my friends. I love him to death, but I need some me time too. My friends thinks I am so lucky and they love having him as part of the group, but I need space.
New hobby? Or is something else going on?
Dr. Berman- My husband and I have been together for 25 years. We have been very close and have always shared our day to day activities together. We are both approaching 50 and are very active. About 6 months ago a colleague of his asked him if he wanted to start playing tennis. He went and told me he loved it. Since then, he has started taking tennis lessons 2x a week and plays with his colleague at least once every weekend. I love that he found something that he is passionate about, but something feels off.
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