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Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on December 12 2019
Hi Dr. Berman, When I was in college, studying abroad I met someone who I really connected with I denied having feeling for him until right before we came back home, and he was still getting over his ex so the timing was definitely wrong. I did tell him almost 2 years ago now that I had feelings for him, but I did it really poorly. Looking back I feel like I put him in a corner, he had to focus on making sure I knew he wasn't going anywhere rather than discussing any feelings. The only thing he ever said about that in the conversation was that he had never thought about me that way and we've never brought it up since. We've gotten a lot closer in this past year ironically when I was really trying focus on moving on. His work is having him travel a lot though and even though we keep trying we haven't actually seen each other. I'm really struggling to figure out how he's feeling. He always greets me "Hi Friend" but tells me he misses me and will tell me how special I am to him. I can't tell if I'm just his best friend or if he has feelings for me too and is just waiting until we see each other again in person to talk about it. (He's like that) If I knew he liked me he would absolutely be worth the wait but I'm afraid. I'm scared I'll loose him if I do make more of an effort to go out and meet people and I'm scared of what I'll loose out in waiting for him if it turns out he never felt the same way. It didn't work out well the last time I tried to talk to him, and I feel like I already took my turn and put myself out there... do you have any insight or suggestions? Melissa
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