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Selfish Friend
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on December 12 2017
Dr. Berman- I have a friend that has always been about herself.  Her vacations are the best, her ideas are better than everyone, she knows all, all the time.  Recently, she started a new business and I was very supportive.  She asked me to share her stuff on social media.  I did.  I liked everything that she put online.  Then the business model didn’t really work and she blamed it on her friend’s lack of support.  I went away on vacation and while I was gone- she didn’t like or comment on one of my photos.  When I asked her if she saw them, she told me she had already seen the place I went to, so she didn’t really look.  I just got a promotion at work. When I told our friends in a group chat- she didn’t congratulate me, everyone else did.  My other friends say she is jealous, but it is hurtful. I support everything that she ever did, and yet she doesn’t acknowledge anything I do. Do I just let her go?  Michelle


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