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Repairing Toxic Family Relationships
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on October 08 2019
Dr. Berman- I got drunk over the weekend and laid into my mother in law about how she always criticizes me about how I raise my children. I had enough and I just went off. She nitpicks everything I do and I said- Well- it’s not like you did such a stand up job, one of your kids is a drunk, one is in jail, one is on her 3rd marriage... congratulations you got one right in Tommy (my husband). Needless to say… not my best moment but she just kept getting on my case about what foods I let me kids eat, and how they needed more enrichment and how they aren’t social enough. I was PMS’ing and the wine just blew the lid off. That was Friday night. She won’t speak to me. I’ve tried calling… nothing… How do I make it right? Tori
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