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Is he the right long term partner for me?
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on June 18 2019
Dr. Berman – I met this man who lied about his age in the beginning and then I told him I would not see him anymore. I don't prefer younger I prefer my own age but it seems to work out lately that younger is what I've been dating and it's not my preference. As for me I am 53 years old. With all humbleness people say I pass for my high 20s I must tell you I am very confident I am also very kind I respect everyone and have compassion for everyone I have worked hard my entire life. So my dilemma I found out the man is 28 1/2 years younger than me. He is definitely an old soul. I have so much in common with this man it is on believable he is almost like the same person as me the way we act the way we think I asked him his two favorite movies and they are exactly mine we know the words to most of them I cannot tell you how much we have in common and the sense of humor is there. He showed me dating a man or falling in love is not about age.. it is about the class maturity wisdom spirit sense of humor and respect of the man. What do I do? It feels right, but also wrong? Diana
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