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Can I "fix" him?
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on August 08 2019
Hi Dr. Berman, My husband is a recovering addict. I spent 5 years helping him get over the one addiction. In the time that he was an addict we lost our home, our cars, and our credit ended up falling apart as a result. We had to move back home with our parents, separately, since there is no room for both of us in one childhood home. He has been clean now for almost a year but he seems to have replaced one addiction with others. In the last 2 months, he managed to open 5 new credit cards and spend over 7,000 dollars. He insists on playing golf every Monday on his day off which is easily another 40-60/week Every time I give him an ultimatum of doing the right thing or me leaving him he gets angry and tells me I don’t understand addiction and I don’t appreciate all he has overcome already. I don't know what else to do. I have a daughter that has to come first... is it best to just walk away or how do I fix his spending and careless nature? Donna
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