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Baby Shower!
Posted by By: Dr. Laura Berman on February 05 2019
Dr Berman- I feel like a horrible person saying this but my best friend is 100% obsessed with the fact that she is having a baby. Also- it is her 3rd. She wants to do the gender reveal and have a big party and she also wants another shower. I get that she is excited but the amount of money I have spend on the past 2 gender reveals and showers, I’m kind of over it. I get it for the 1st one. We all had the gender reveal and the shower. The second I thought was a bit much, but now the 3rd I think is going too far. Plus, she always asks to do it at my house. It costs me money and while I love her and her children, I feel like this is a little excessive and I’m not sure what to do? How do I tell her that sending an email has the same effect as letting everyone know what the baby is with zero cost to anyone??? Tamara
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