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We discuss the latest merger between Mattel and Barbie and what it means for our youth. Also, we hear from a caller who is dating the guy of her dreams but her parents hate him! Plus, some research on red wine and sex. All that and more... Read More

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Do you get friskier when you drink red wine?
Tell us- do you get friskier when you drink red wine? Dr. Berman discusses some research on the topic tonight on Uncovered Radio!
5 Tips to Keeping the Spark Alive in Long Distance Relationships.
Are you in a long distance relationship and wondering how to keep the spark up until you can meet? Dr. Berman helps a caller and discusses tonight on Uncovered Radio!
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If you could do it over again, what would you re do?
A national survey of older Americans asked what, if anything, they would do over if they could. Saving more money and making better investments topped the list, followed by taking better care of health and staying closer with family. Of all the people polled, only 17 percent had no do-overs. If you could do one thing over- what would it be? tweet me @drlauraberman
Want to live longer? Volunteer!
People who regularly donate time to help others have a 14 percent lower-than-normal risk of dying of any cause during a four-year period, reveals a recent study. Dr. Berman discuses further tonight on Uncovered!
Do you belivein love at first sight?
Do you believe in love at first sight? Dr. Berman discuses tonight on Uncovered!
Are you more frisky in the summertime?
Are you more frisky in the summer time as opposed to the other seasons in the year? There might be an explanation as to why! Dr. Berman discuses tonight on Uncovered!
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